Best positions for a good sleep

How do you sleep at night? Is it on your back, your side or your belly? Most of us tend to sleep in a certain position, a position that seems the most comfortable to us. But this favorite position of ours keeps changing, sometimes this may be because of some health issues, stress or even pregnancy. When it comes to such situations, it is important to know the best positions for a good sleep. Sleeping in the correct position can make a big difference. Do you think you sleeping the right way?

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Different sleep positions have different benefits, yet sleeping in the wrong way may just cause aggravate neck or back pain. Changing sleeping positions is not as easy, it doesn’t just happen overnight. Sometimes the wrong position may obstruct the airways to your lungs, which might lead to problems like obstructive sleep apnea. Everyone is different, so let’s see which positions are best for a good sleep. 

1.Fetal position

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Probably the most popular sleep position, it has a lot of benefits. This is not only best for your lower back but it also helps a lot with pregnancy and reduces snoring. Although sleeping in this position does have its share of disadvantages. You need to make sure that the posture is left loose, if not then you could limit deep breathe while sleeping. If you have joint pain or stiffness then sleeping in this position may leave you sore the next day.

2. Sleeping on your side

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This is a good sleeping position, especially when you sleep on your left side. Why is that you may ask? Well, that’s because it reduces snoring, is great for digestion, and even helps with reducing heartburn. Although sleeping on your side may not always be the best, that’s because it may cause stiffness in your shoulders. It might even lead to your jaw tightening. Some research says that sleeping on your side maybe contribute to wrinkles. 

Pro Tip: Use a pillow between your legs, this helps with aligning your hips which helps prevent lower back pain. 

3. On your stomach

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This is probably the worst. As good as it may seem, it does do harm. Although it is good for snoring or sleep apnea. The disadvantage of sleeping on your stomach is that it can cause neck and back pain. This adds a lot of strain on your muscles and joints, the reason why you may wake up sore and tired.

Pro tip: Place a pillow on your lower belly, this helps reduce the back pain. 

4. Flat on your back

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Sleeping in this position has the most health benefits. This protects your spine as well as helps relieve hip and knee pain. If you want your skin to look flawless, this is the best position as this helps you avoid any wrinkles that may be induced by pillows. Although on the other hand, this may be difficult for people who snore and have sleep apnea. For those who have back pain, it may be difficult.

We spend one-third of our life just sleeping, might as well make it worth it. Getting the right amount of sleep can help a lot, if not then your health will suffer too. Sleep deprivation is about not getting enough sleep, but that also means that sleep quality also matters. How do you sleep at night? do let us know in the comments below.

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