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right sequence to watch popular movie franchises

The right sequence to watch most popular movie franchises – PART 2

For those who are fans of long-running movie franchises, this might just be the right place to be. Before you read the article make sure you have read part 1 of this post, where we covered the top 10 franchises.

And we are back with more movie franchises that have so many sequels that one can easily lose track of the right order. So here we go with the right sequence to watch most popular movie franchises.

right sequence to watch popular movie franchises

The right sequence to watch popular movie franchises – Part 1

Hollywood isn’t new to sequels, prequels, remakes, and spin-offs. There have been several movie franchises some with more than 20 movies. And that poses a problem with big franchises, sometimes you don’t know which movie to watch first, second and so on.

For those who haven’t seen these, here’s the right sequence to watch the most popular movie franchises, so that you can binge-watch without getting confused.

age difference between Hollywood couples

The age difference between Hollywood couples will surprise you.

It always surprises me that a lot of people still find it unusual to see a couple with a significantly older or younger partner. The celebrity couples also face a lot of social media backlash but that doesn’t stop these love birds. The stereotypes will never end, but then again who are we to tell them how to and with whom they should live.

Here’s a list of celebs who’ve been open about the age gap in their relationship.

foul mouthed actors from Hollywood

Most foul-mouthed actors from Hollywood

It is no surprise that actors use foul phrases as they get in the skin of their characters. But some actors outweigh others when it comes to swearing. These foul-mouthed actors either make us laugh or leave us entirely shaken.

Some of these actors are the kings of Hollywood for swearing, these ranks are given by the number of swears said on screen. Have a look at their incredible career record of swearing.

funniest women in hollywood

The Funniest Women in Hollywood

It is considered a real talent to get people to laugh. It is a fact that the comedy world is mostly run by men and a large number of premier comics have men in the lead role. It has been like this for several decades now, however, things are changing. Women are taking over and they are coming in strong.

Here are the funniest women in Hollywood who are conquering the world of television and media with their jokes.